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The History of Roundhead's

It all started out with an idea to sell bagels at local fests. I know what you’re thinking. “I thought I was at a Pizza Pub!” Well, let me finish. From there, we opened a little quick service restaurant called “Potatoes, Bagels and More” and sold loaded baked potatoes, fresh deli sandwiches and burgers on bagels, hot dogs, pizza bagels and a lot more. We changed the name to JNJ’S Eatery but sold the same great tasting food. The name actually comes from the names of all the siblings in the family (Joe, Nick, Jay and Samantha). One day a pizza place in our mall went up for business and we thought: “How hard could that be?” Yeah right. So we got in the Pizza making business and used family recipes for all our items. That was in 1996 and here we are today. We still pride ourselves on great quality food and friendly service as well as being involved in community events. We still have the same bagel burgers on the menu that our very first customers grew to love at PB &More. As for the Roundhead name, it was just a silly term of endearment we used to greet close friends and family. So, welcome to the family….. Roundhead!